About Bob Flynn Inc

Bob Flynn, Inc. Is a firm specializing in professional education to corporations, and government agencies around the world. We offer programs and services in a variety of areas: change management, business development, leadership coaching and consulting, proposal development, customer service excellence, and gaining voluntary enthusiastic cooperation. Our clients cover a full range of industries, including transportation and logistics, chemicals, polymers and plastics, associations, engineering and construction, health care and pharmaceuticals, educational organizations.


Bob Flynn Mission

My mission is to maximize my client’s Leadership and Business Effectiveness through practical application of Knowledge, Skills, and Processes. What we really do isn’t about training and education. What we really do is impact people’s lives in often profound ways. We impact your understanding and acceptance of other people, your ability to work effectively with your team members, your clients, your business processes and institutions, and your success in selling your products, services, and solutions.

My goal is always to change your professional capabilities, your business impact, and your life.