Customer Perspective Selling System

Business development behaviors are translated by the client as delivery behaviors. From the perspective of the customer, any negative business development behavior will be multiplied by ten as a delivery behavior. This is why your tactical sales process is a key (either positive or negative) differentiator. When the client is approached from their perspective, and you seek to understand their challenges and opportunities instead of launching into a premature sales pitch, you create immediate positive differentiation. The PeopleWorks Customer Perspective Selling process instructs methodology that quickly establishes trust, credibility, and positive differentiation by answering the…

“Big 4” questions that all customers want answered:

  1. Exactly why should I do business with you?
  2. Exactly how are you positively different from your competitors?
  3. Exactly how do the features and benefits of your products, services, and solutions address my value drivers?
  4. Exactly how can you prove that you can deliver on your promises?

Additionally, this process creates positive differentiation by:

  1. Highlighting your strengths relative to the customer’s value drivers.
  2. Mitigating your weaknesses relative to the customer’s value drivers.
  3. Neutralizing your competitor’s strengths relative to the customer’s value drivers.
  4. “Ghosting” the weaknesses of your competitor’s relative to the customer’s value drivers.

Participants Completing This Program Will Know How To:

  • Stay highly motivated at all times by understanding the Emotional Guidance System.
  • Accurately “read” and accommodate the buying style of the customer/prospect.
  • Gain “action oriented” appointments with decision makers.
  • Build high levels of trust and credibility by adhering to the Sales Communication Model.
  • Secure viable information by using the G.A.I.N. Strategic Questioning Model.
  • Listen with a purpose, and uncover the prospect’s true value drivers and hidden agendas.
  • Build “bullet proof” solutions that prove you can deliver added value in excess of price.
  • Develop and deliver a truly unique and compelling presentation.