Change Management

Today businesses are experiencing multidimensional forms of change. As compared to the past, the velocity and depth of today’s changing conditions are exceedingly different and disruptive. It is this sense of unease in the face of continuing, overlapping and irresistible pressure for change that characterizes the organizational angst so prevalent in 2011 and today’s environment.

In order to bring clarity to this growing dilemma business leaders must understand and adhere to The 10 Absolutes of Change Management.

Business leaders exhort their organizations to change but often create debilitating fear and reluctance in the hearts and minds of their people simply because they fail to execute these five critical steps and as a result create chaos, confusion, marginal performance, and no meaningful change.


1) Accurately determine, clearly communicate, and relentlessly manage the high leverage behavioral changes required to maximize results. Vision Mapping

2) Thoroughly assess the organization, it’s leaders, and key influencers readiness to make the required behavioral changes. Change Management Readiness Survey

3) Focus on exceptional internal and external customer service and enhanced business development. Business Development  

4) Initiate a proven process for rapidly executing, measuring, and modifying the required changes. Integrated Change Management Process

5) Secure a uniquely qualified, thoroughly experienced change management specialist to guide the organization through the complexities of change. The Bob Flynn Difference

The Integrated Change Management Process insures that all of the five critical steps are followed virtually guaranteeing quantified sustainable change.

The Integrated Change Management Process is delivered in three highly interactive formats:

1) A totally comprehensive workshop titled: The Essentials of Quantifiable, Sustainable Organizational Change.