Change Management Readiness Survey


An Intense Diagnostic Of Your Organizations Capacity for Successful Change

By executing the Change Management Mapping process you have selected and quantified high leverage goals and steps to achieve the goals in the key areas of the organization. Once the goals and steps are approved by the Change Management Coalition team meetings are held, goals and steps conveyed. This insures that all persons involved in, and affected by the change initiative clearly understand:

1) Why the changes are critical to the organization.

2) What changes are required within their work group.

3) How the changes will affect each team member.

4) What specifically they are expected to do differently.

At this point in the process the required changes have been clearly stated and justified. Your people clearly understand the specific changes they are expected to make. The blockbuster question is, are they ready to make the necessary changes? The Change Management Readiness Survey will provide a definitive answer to this critical question.


What The CMRS Reveals

The CMRS provides an in-depth assessment of your organizations capacity to make the changes required to achieve the established goals. Additionally, the CMRS reveals your organizations strengths and weaknesses in the five most critical areas of change management, which are:

1) Collaboration

2) Leadership

3) Implementation and Execution

4) Culture

Organizational Alignment

Survey Delivery – Output – Conveyance

The CMRS is delivered electronically and with complete anonymity of individual responses, insuring people provide totally honest answers. Results are organized by stakeholder groups, and comparisons made to identify contrasts and similarities among the groups. For example, we might find that senior management believes the organization is ready to make the required changes, but middle managers don’t concur. Once the CMRS is completed and analyzed a comprehensive report is made to the Change Management Coalition and a decision is made to move forward or better prepare the organization for change prior to initiating the Change Management Mapping Plan.