Integrated Change Management Process

1) Specific organizational Vision established – Vision/Mission statement completed.

2) Specific organizational Values established.

3) Quantified Goals established in the five most critical organizational areas – which typically include.

  • Superior Leadership
  • Business Development – Immediate and continuous focus here.
  • Operational Excellence
  • Internal & External Customer Loyalty
  • Financial Management

4) Vision, mission, values, and goals should be established by the organizational leaders ultimately responsible for goal attainment in the critical organizational

area. Additionally, key influencers in all critical organizational areas must be identified and totally involved in all aspects of vision mapping, planning and goal setting. These “opinion drivers” should not be senior managers or “high ranking officials.” They should be people whose opinions [whether negative or positive] drive informal consensus. This is absolutely essential to the success of the change management initiative.

5) Once quantified goals are established meetings should be held to advise all persons involved in the change management initiative. These meetings should be held in individual work groups. The leader ultimately responsible for goal attainment should facilitate the meeting. Meetings must be extremely well planned and orchestrated. All participants must clearly understand all aspects of the change management initiative.