Phase 2: Individual Group Vision Mapping

1) The leader ultimately accountable for goal achievement in each of the critical organizational areas should form a team – make certain to include key influencers.

2) The leader and the team using the Vision Mapping process develops their plan for goal attainment.

3) The leader and the team determines the specific tasks, timelines, and people accountable for completion of specific tasks required for completion of the action steps.

4) The leader and the team identifies potential roadblocks preventing or delaying the execution of tasks and steps essential for goal attainment. Leader develops creative alternatives to eliminate or by-pass roadblocks.

5) The leader and the team identifies all resources within and without the organization essential to their goal attainment and their specific requirements of each. They initiate a plan to gain commitment from each of these groups.

6) The leader and the team establishes metrics and timely feedback mechanism to insure effective plan execution and continual progress toward goal attainment.

7) The leader and the team determines outside resources required for goal attainment.

Phase 3: Organizational / Leadership Change Readiness Assessments