Phase 3: Change Readiness Assessments

1) Change Management Leadership Capability Assessment. [CMLCA].

Assesses the change management capability of the person ultimately responsible for goal attainment in their assigned critical organizational area.

2) Change Management Readiness Survey. [CMRS] Assesses each department’s readiness to make the changes required to meet the specified goals in each of the critical organizational areas.

3) Review CMLCA and determine if the leader is seen as competent to lead his/her group to goal attainment. If “yes” retain the leader and move to CMRSevaluation. If “no” remove or prepare leader through additional training and coaching.

Do not move forward until a competent leader is established.

4) Review the CMRS and determine if the group is ready to make the changes required to achieve the goals in their critical organizational area. If “yes” move forward with goal achievement plan. If “no” develop a strategy for preparing the group to make the necessary changes.

Do not move forward until 80% of the group is ready to make the specified changes.

Phase 4: Implement Change Management Plan