Vision Mapping

Vision infuses life into any change initiative and a lack of vision infuses the dying process. At Bob Flynn, we have developed a process for creating compelling visions called Vision Mapping. We have developed this process because we know that…

Visions without clearly defined goals, and goals without clearly defined steps, will never be achieved expeditiously or efficiently, and will rarely be achieved at all.

Our proven process includes these five steps:

1) Define the vision in writing.

2) Convert the vision into a set of specific goals.

3) Convert each goal into a set of specific steps.

4) Convert each complex step into a specific set of tasks.

5) Set target completion dates for each task, step, and goal.

In each one of these steps, specific people are assigned to complete each step and each of the steps has one person assigned that is totally accountable for the overall completion and success of the step.

Vision Mapping lays the foundation on which the change initiative is built.