Customer Service Workshops


Taking Ownership of Exceptional Customer Service

The primary objectives of the Exceptional Customer Service workshop are to instruct proven methodology for:


1) Identifying, classifying, and prioritizing the customer service requirements of your both your internal and external customers.


2) Clearly defining the specific, actions, behaviors, and changes required to delight all customers at every touchpoint.

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Behavioral Styles: The Key to Unlocking Perspectives

To become effective at understanding the customer’s perspective, sales, operations, and all others in your organization must understand their own dominant behavioral style and the style of the internal and external customer. This is critical because behavioral styles are developed from our values and beliefs.


    Each workshop participant will complete the ADEA Behavioral Index which will enable them to:

  • Accurately access their behavioral style.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of their style.
  • Accurately access the behavioral styles of others and the specific actions to take to increase their effectiveness.
  • Understand how each style views the other styles.
  • Recognize when their style is appropriate and when it is inappropriate.
  • Understand why people act as they do.
  • The effect of stress on their style.

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