Behavioral Styles

To become effective at understanding the customer’s perspective, sales, operations, and all others in your organization must understand their own dominant behavioral style and the style of the internal and external customer. This is critical because behavioral styles are developed from our values and beliefs.

Participants completing this workshop will learn how to

  • Determine their dominant behavioral style, its strengths, potential weaknesses, greatest fear, irritation points, priority, pace, how they measure their personal worth, and their predominant behavioral characteristics.
  • Modify their behavior to increase effectiveness with the other behavioral styles.
  •  Showcase their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses.
  •  Build stronger relationships faster.
  •  Avoid tension, conflict, and stress.
  •  Improve their attitudinal quality.
  •  Get on and stay on a positive frequency.
  •  Relate better to others.
  •  Create instant rapport.
  • Be more comfortable in social and business situations.

This program can be delivered as:

1) On-Site Workshop
2) DVD Program
3) Webinar