Exceptional Customer Service

The primary objectives of the Exceptional Customer Service workshop are to instruct proven methodology for:

1)Identifying, classifying, and prioritizing the customer service both your internal and external customers. requirements of your

2)Clearly defining the specific, actions, behaviors, and changes required to delight all customers at every touchpoint.

In order to meet these objectives this workshop focuses on:

  • Creating a climate of confidence, credibility, and satisfaction.
  • Managing your time emotions and professionalism.
  • Effectively dealing with conflict, difficult people and situations.
  • Keep yourself highly motivated and focused.
  • Modeling the behavior you desire in others.

Persons participating in this workshop will learn how to:

  • Determine their dominant behavioral style, its strengths and weaknesses. Identify the behavioral style of others and the specific actions to take to build trust, credibility, and bonding rapport.
  • Position themselves effectively in any customer service situation – effective Positioning is the master skill of exceptional customer service.
  • Demonstrate excellent Attitudinal by learning these four critical success factors:
    • Politeness and Professionalism.
    • Avoid the five most damaging customer service errors.
    • Mine complaints for gold.
    • Admit mistakes quickly.
  • Ask effectively and timely questions.
  • Listen with a purpose.
  • Inform and respond to maximize effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate exceptional telephone etiquette.
  • Demonstrate exceptional Email etiquette.
  • Deal effectively with difficult people and situations.
  • Employ the thirty strategies for controlling your behavior.


This program can be delivered as:

1) An on-site workshop
2) DVD Program
3) Webinar