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Download-Future-of-SellingTHE FUTURE of SELLING

Your Complete Guide to Business Development Success
In a world turned upside down environment

Does This Describe Your Selling Environment?

  • 10 dogs – one bone – your competition is increasingly aggressive on price?
  • Customers and prospects perceive you as a vendor and not a business resource?
  • Customer are only interested in the lowest price and expect you throw in the value-add?
  • There is great difficulty in differentiating your products, services, and solutions.
  • Salespeople are forced to choose between two unappealing options: lose the deal or abandon selling value and sell on price.

Organizations that are winning in the ultracompetitive, unpredictable economic landscape of 2012 are refusing to allow price to become the predominant buying criteria. They have overcome todays “commodity trap” environment by flying in the face of outdated conventional sales strategy wisdom by adopting the principals contained in the Future of Selling.

The information contained in The Future of Selling, is, in fact, just that, The Future of Selling. As a result of following the principals instructed in this comprehensive step-by-step guide we have elevated our sales approach to a significantly higher level. The results speak for themselves, increased sales volume and higher margins…

Jay B. Flint





How leaders can gain total cooperation and achieve phenomenal results
during economic downturn and chaotic change

The speed and magnitude of today’s changes can easily overwhelm even the most seasoned and accomplished leader. Without question, leaders now find themselves in the midst of perhaps the greatest change in human history. Perhaps you’ve discovered that the leadership “styles” and practices that proved effective in the recent past simply aren’t working today. Undoubtedly, it’s the leaders who are willing to make the strategic changes dictated by the 2012 landscape that will survive and prosper in the future.

3 Pillars of Change Management Excellence provides actionable answers and strategies that will prove indispensible in navigating the complexities of change. By reading this material you will learn how to:

  • Increase moral and gain enthusiastic cooperation in the middle of chaos.
  • Avoid/overcome the five leadership “traps” so prevalent today.
  • Exemplify the 10 essential change management characteristics.
  • Adhere to the 14 essential leadership golden rules of volatile change.
  • Capitalize on changing conditions.
  • Keep yourself focused and motivated.

The most important skill organizational leaders must develop is the ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions. It doesn’t matter if you are a first time supervisor or a CEO. Reading and applying the principals of 3 Pillars will provide you with the unique tools and the know-how essential to leading in these most challenging and confusing times.

Steven J. Ploeger
Executive Vice President
Startech Corporation




Your Complete Guide to Discovering Your Authentic Self
And Taking Charge of Your Personal and Professional Life


Most people never make it and as a result live lives far below their God given potential. This decision or your reluctance to make it will absolutely and unequivocally determine your destiny. Without making this decision you will forever be caught in the web of mediocrity, that grey twilight where the icy fingers of “if only I’d have” encircle your potential and limit your future.

What is THE MASTER DECISION? It’s a decision that the masses never make and so forever they march in the ranks of the unfulfilled. They become also-rans never stretching, pushing or challenging. They remain bound by the confines of their self-imposed comfort zones, never daring to break free, they survive, maybe. Seeking comfort and security they never make THE MASTER DECISION and ultimately, (though often too late) realize that it is in directly seeking these elusive ends that causes both to flee.

You will not only discover THE MASTER DECISION you’ll learn How to:

  • Discover your authentic self
  • Maximize your time, energy, and efforts
  • Take the optimum action at the optimum time
  • Build a network of enthusiastic supporters
  • Program your mind to furnish optimum answers to your most difficult challenges
  • Capitalize on changing conditions
  • Maintain the ideal emotional state in any situation
  • And much, much more

Download-Gaining-Discretionary-EffortGAINING DISCRETIONARY EFFORT

The Master Skill of Effective Leadership

This revealing guide takes all the guesswork out of gaining your people’s best efforts. By learning and applying PRECISE LAWS that govern human behavior you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it. This is critical in today’s hypercompetitive environment because with escalating competitive pressures on business no one can rely on trial and error to determine the productivity of their workforce, you must know with a high degree of certainty that the actions you are taking will produce optimum results.

Discretionary effort is the level of effort your people could give if they wanted to. By learning and applying the immutable laws contained in this material you will bridge the difference between just getting by and tremendous success.

The Principals Taught In This Guide Include:

  • The specific Laws of gaining Discretionary Effort.
  • When and how to use positive and negative consequences.
  • How we unintentionally de-motive best efforts.
  • How others use “control mode behavior” to avoid accountability.
  • The power in “pinpointing” specific results.
  • How to provide performance feedback that motivates maximum productivity.
  • The type of reinforcement required for maximum results.
  • The most powerful combination of techniques to maximize discretionary effort.
  • Management Action Plan for gaining Discretionary Effort.

Gaining Discretionary Effort took the “mystery” out of motivating our workforce. We have now trained all our managers and team leads in the concepts of this material and it continues to deliver positive results that far exceed our prior performance levels. I highly recommend that you read and apply this material…

Harry M. Wallace
Operation’s Manager
Stihl Corporation

Download-Vision-MappingVISION MAPPING

Why Buy This Book?

Extraordinary achievement is impossible to attain without a clear precise vision and a detailed plan to achieve that vision. This book will guide you in the development of both. Organizations and individuals who achieve ordinary results do so by using conventional approaches and methods taught in schools and used by the masses. Organizations and individuals who achieve extraordinary to near impossible results do so by using a different set of Master Strategies that are universally and consistently used by Super Achievers These Master Strategies are virtually unknown to the masses.

Regardless of past programming for mediocrity, any organization and individual can reprogram their culture and their brain for extraordinary outcomes. All they need is the right software and commitment to use it.

The Step-By-Step Methods You’ll Learn From This Book Include:

  • The 20 Laws Of Extraordinary Success
  • The “Big 5” Critical Success Areas
  • Overcoming The 5 Crippling Habits Preventing Optimal Success
  • Developing a Love Based Vision
  • Establishing Goals For Vision Achievement
  • Establishing Tasks And Steps For Goal Achievement
  • Developing Creative Solutions To Obstacles And Roadblocks
  • Gaining Expertise In Areas Of Weakness

The Vision Mapping material showed us the way to infuse drive and energy into our projects and endeavors. By incorporating the 20 Laws of Extraordinary Success we were able to develop an overriding company vision and cascade it throughout the organization, each department in-turn developed goals relative to the corporate vision. This is a process that works.

Robert Schlingo
Division Manager
Panasonic Battery Division



The Art and Science of Influencing Others to Give You Their Best

After thirty years of developing and presenting state-of-the art training material I’ve never had anything produce the quantified sustainable results of this program.

Here’s what a recent client had to say.

After reading Bob Flynn’s Attracting VEC book I signed our customer service department up for the workshop. Without question it was an excellent decision. This isn’t just an interesting informative program, it’s a life changing experience. Specifically, we learned how to really work together in harmony and synergy based on immutable law. Additionally, we learned how to hold ourselves totally accountable for producing ever increasing levels of service to both our internal and external customers. If you are looking for a key differentiator and positive change, nothing, I mean nothing compares to this workshop, it’s absolutely the Real Deal.

Here’s a Partial List of Participant Outcomes:

  • Learn the art and science of influencing others to give their very best.
  • Get in and stay in a motivational state that produces excellent results.
  • Identify and control your negative behaviors.
  • Challenge all excuses concerning self-limiting beliefs.
  • Maintain constant self-awareness of your impact on others.
  • Apply the immutable laws of relationships and effective leadership.



Stop Wasting Your Money On Training Programs

Order My Special Report Today

Corporate and individual training programs represent a $30 Billion Dollar annualized “Rat Hole” that organizational leaders fail to recognize and acknowledge; the Bottom Line is…


I should know, I’ve been in the business thirty five years. But that doesn’t have to be the case; in fact training can represent an outstanding ROI but you have to know how to maximize your training investment.

In this Special Report You’ll learn…

  • The 5 reasons training is an abysmal failure.
  • The 7 absolutes that make training pay a handsome dividend.
  • The 5 “training myths” that keep training in an ineffective state.
  • The 4 self-defeating practices that render training impotent.
  • The “mother” of training failure.
  • Why Training Doesn’t Work and SPECIFICALLY what You Can Do About It!

Order this report today; I promise you’ll thank me.


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