The Bob Flynn Difference

About Bob Flynn, Change Management Specialist

Bob Flynn, Change Management Specialist was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 1995 under the name PeopleWorks. Since founding the company I have successfully initiated quantifiable, sustainable change in over sixty five public / private companies, governmental agencies, and associations, some of which include: Shell, Ingersoll-Rand, NASA, Trimac Transportation, Kraton Polymers, Spartech, US Postal Service, Gulf Winds International, Bechtel, Panasonic, Interbake Foods, Fluor-Daniels, Ontario Trucking Association, and NYNAS. Key leaders in these and many other of my client companies will provide references of the highest caliber in substantiation of my capabilities as a catalyst for meaningful change.

So what make me different?

BobFlyn_Big-Ten-Bob-Flynn-Difference_image2It is a proven fact that organizations and individuals who achieve extraordinary results avoid conventional approaches used by the masses. Strategic changes leading to extraordinary results are based on Master Strategies that are universally and consistently used by the most successful organizations and individuals on planet earth. These strategies are incorporated in all my tools, solutions, and processes and represent a major difference in my approach to change management.

My experience, proprietary tools, solutions, and processes account for the following differentiating factors in my approach to Change Management:

  1. A verifiable unbroken string of successes with a wide variety of organizations and industries.
  2. An impeccable reputation for professionalism, integrity, and results – rehired multiple times by 98% of all clients – have worked with three clients for over 10 years.
  3. A high degree of scrutiny in determining client selection. I hold clients totally accountable and expect them to hold me to the same high level. I only work with clients who are truly committed to identifying and making the changes required to achieve extraordinary results.
  4. Contractually guaranteed mutually determined results and timelines.
  5. Process and strategies that are unconventional, proven, and based on immutable law.
  6. No hypothetical, theoretical business models or “consultant-speak,” only practical, applicable tools and solutions.
  7. Timely communication and hands-on involvement throughout the process.
  8. Mutually determined two-way communication requirements.
  9. An intense keen sense of urgency; projects completed on time and on budget.
  10. Constant attention to the elimination of the Five Change Management “Crippling Habits.”
  • Aversion to risk and change
  • Absence of clear objectives and directives.
  • Lack of accountability.
  • Rationalizing inferior performance.
  • Planning in lieu of action.