3 Pillars Of Change Management Excellence



What leaders Must Learn

Leading positive change and achieving measurably superior results requires that leaders learn precisely what motivates human behavior during times of rapid change. The behavior of people in any organization is not simply another issue to be considered; it is the catalyst for all performance improvement. When leaders attempt to initiate any change in an organization, they do so in ways that cause people to increase or decrease their cooperation, and the quality of their work. Trial and error is not an option; leaders must know with great predictability that the measures they are taking will positively affect pre-determined goals.

The 3 Pillars of Change Management Workshop

Is a one day highly interactive program that instructs organizational leaders at all levels in proven methods that significantly improve the performance of their people.

Leaders Participating in This Workshop Will Learn How to:

  • Gain maximum cooperation from others
  • Position change as a positive occurrence.
  • Avoid the five leadership traps.
  • Exemplify the ten essential leadership characteristics.
  • Rapidly separate the relevant from the irrelevant.
  • Keep people focused on the critical success factors.
  • Stay on a high positive frequency.
  • Hold people strictly accountable for specific results.
  • Apply positive and negative reinforcement.
  • Effectively deal with the insidious lower 10%.
  • Apply the No consequences, no behavior change law.
  • Effectively handle “control mode” behavior.
  • Provide people with a cause, a purpose, and a compelling vision.

This Program Can Be Delivered As A…

1) An on-site workshop
2) DVD Program
3) Webinar