Gaining Discretionary Effort

The Master Skill of Effective Leadership

This revealing workshop takes all the guesswork out of gaining your people’s best efforts. By learning and applying PRECISE LAWS that govern human behavior you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it. This is critical in today’s hypercompetitive environment because with escalating competitive pressures on business no one can rely on trial and error to determine the productivity of their workforce, you must know with a high degree of certainty that the actions you are taking will produce optimum results.

Discretionary effort is the level of effort your people could give if they wanted to. By learning and applying the immutable laws conveyed in this workshop you will bridge the difference between just getting by and tremendous success.

Participants In This Workshop Will Learn:

  • The specific Laws of gaining Discretionary Effort.
  • When and how to use positive and negative consequences.
  • How we unintentionally de-motive best efforts.
  • How others use “control mode behavior” to avoid accountability.
  • The power in “pinpointing” specific results.
  • How to provide performance feedback that motivates maximum productivity.
  • The type of reinforcement required for maximum results.
  • The most powerful combination of techniques to maximize discretionary effort.
  • Management Action Plan for gaining Discretionary Effort.

Here’s what a recent client had to say:

All of our managers, supervisors, and team leads have participated in the Gaining Discretionary Effort Workshop. The results are excellent. This program is on-going in our organization and has become the cornerstone of our management training and development process. As a former senior corporate executive, Bob Flynn brings tremendous knowledge, wisdom, and “real life” experience to this program. He makes it not only exciting and interesting but immediately actionable as well.

Todd Stewart
Vice President, Gulf Winds International, Inc.