Vision Mapping

Why Consider This Workshop?

Extraordinary achievement is impossible to attain without a clear precise vision and a detailed plan to achieve that vision. This workshop will guide you in the development of both a compelling vision and a detailed plan to bring it to fruition.

Organizations and individuals who achieve ordinary results do so by using conventional approaches and methods taught in schools and used by the masses. Organizations and individuals who achieve extraordinary to near impossible results do so by using a different set of Master Strategies that are universally and consistently used by Super Achievers These Master Strategies are virtually unknown to the masses.

Regardless of past programming for mediocrity, any organization and individual can reprogram their culture and their brain for extraordinary outcomes. All they need is the right software and commitment to use it.

The Step-By-Step Methods You’ll Learn In This Workshop Include:

  • The 20 Laws Of Extraordinary Success
  • The “Big 5” Critical Success Areas
  • Overcoming The 5 Crippling Habits Preventing Optimal Success
  • Developing a Love Based Vision
  • Establishing Goals For Vision Achievement
  • Establishing Tasks And Steps For Goal Achievement
  • Developing Creative Solutions To Obstacles And Roadblocks
  • Gaining Expertise In Areas Of Weakness

The Vision Mapping material and workshop showed us the way to infuse drive and energy into our projects and endeavors. By incorporating the 20 Laws of Extraordinary Success we were able to develop an overriding company vision and cascade it throughout the organization, each department in-turn developed goals relative to the corporate vision. This is a process that works.

Robert Schlingo, Division Manager Panasonic Battery Division