Voluntary Enthusiastic Cooperation

My clients insisted that I develop a workshop based on my book
Attracting Voluntary Enthusiastic Cooperation
I have honored their request and…


After thirty years of developing and presenting state-of-the art training material I’ve never had anything produce the quantified sustainable results of this program.

Here’s what a recent client had to say.

After reading Bob Flynn’s Attracting VEC book I signed our customer service department up for the workshop. Without question it was an excellent decision. This isn’t just an interesting informative program, it’s a life changing experience. Specifically, we learned how to really work together in harmony and synergy based on immutable law. Additionally, we learned how to hold ourselves totally accountable for producing ever increasing levels of service to both our internal and external customers. If you are looking for a key differentiator and positive change, nothing, I mean nothing compares to this workshop, it’s absolutely the Real Deal.

Here’s a Partial List of Participant Outcomes:

  • Learn the art and science of influencing others to give their very best.
  • Get in and stay in a motivational state that produces excellent results.
  • Identify and control your negative behaviors.
  • Challenge all excuses concerning self-limiting beliefs.
  • Maintain constant self-awareness of your impact on others.
  • Apply the immutable laws of relationships and effective leadership.