Bob conducted a series of outstanding leadership workshops for our organization. Additionally, we retained him to coach selected managers and executives. Our return on investment was excellent. He truly understands and conveys leadership principals in a way that causes positive change.

Kate Daily, Senior VP Training, Panasonic


Bob came highly recommended as an expert who could assist us in identifying and executing strategic change; he exceeded the recommendation. Fun and engaging yet absolutely “no nonsense,” Bob quickly gets to the bottom line and delivers.

William Higgins, Director Training and Education, NASA Ames


Bob Flynn is a change agent personified. He has developed practical applicable “tools” that work. His understanding of how to get the best out of the workforce is without equal. A word of warning though… Don’t hire Bob unless you are serious about change.

David B. Andrews, Senior VP, Fluor


“Bob Flynn is an extraordinary consultant, speaker and trainer in sales, personal development, change management, and leadership. His business knowledge and desire to help others has endeared him to sales producers and boardroom members alike. His energy, experience, savvy and interpersonal skills make him an outstanding change agent, coach and business consultant. Bob “gets it” and “gets it done.” If you have an opportunity to work with Bob, take it. You and your organization will improve through your association with him.”

Howard Wallin, President, SuccessWorks Inc.


“Bob is simply remarkable. His seminars not only make sense, they produce results. Not only is Bob a proven expert, he practices what he teaches. When Bob is conducting a seminar or a workshop ,the environment is charged with energy and excitement. I have never seen another consultant produce the results that Bob gets, not only during the seminar but in the field where it counts.” January 10, 2009

Donald Payseur, President, Paystar Inc. 


“I’ve worked with Bob over the last ten years in areas ranging from sales training, change management, leadership and personal coaching. In all aspects Bob has brought concise, timely and meaningful contributions to me and my work colleagues. Even ten years later many of the original co-workers stay in contact with Bob for further counseling and training – several who have moved to their own senior levels in new organizations. Bob has been outstanding in connecting with each colleague and most importantly has adapted his expertise to our specific business situations and strategies making it more meaningful while timelessly illustrating the value of adaptive personal behavior to help us each be more effective to our clients and our own organization. Fun, responsive and excellent adaptability in all the areas of expertise.”

Jay Flint, President NYNAS, Corp


“Bob is a results focused executive with a deep expertise in sales management, leadership and directing changes in organizations. Bob brings a passion to his work that is exhibited at all times and his public speaking can captivate diverse audiences. Working with Bob during several initiatives, he is constantly focused and delivers superior outcomes.”

Alan Cigich, Senior Vice President, Ingersoll-Rand


“Bob has been both a colleague and hired consultant for over 20 years and his skill set as a speaker, business consultant, trainer, coach and change management expert is without equal. If your looking for someone to deliver “hands on” professional level people development and/ or strategic customer management concepts into your organization – Bob Flynn and Peopleworks is the only way to go”

Jimmie D’Alessio,hired Bob as a Business Consultant in 2000, and hired Bob more than once


“Bob did an outstanding job of building and delivering world class training material to our sales teams. He made his content relevant and was extremely engaging with the each participant. Bob has a very focused approach to his development style and is extremely motivated to meet and exceed his customers requirements.”

Norman Ellis, VP/GM Transportation/Logistics, QUALCOMM Inc.